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Atlantic Group [v] – Green Plan

We have an ongoing commitment to care for our environment at the Atlantic Group [v] – all without compromising on the service and quality extended to our guests.

Our commitment to our environment
Within the business, our green approach extends to the following areas:


  • We are committed to the use of biodegradable cleaning products – not only protecting our waterways but also lessening the risk to our staff through exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • In our kitchens, we have set up systems to ensure our waste is collected and disposed of in a environmentally friendly manner i.e. oil from cooking is picked up twice a week from company Cooker and disposed of rather than flushed down our drains


  • Water saving showerheads have been installed in all showers
  • In kitchens we are vigilant about stopping dripping taps

Paper and packaging

  • Office printers and photocopiers are defaulted to double sided printing to reduce paper
  • We have introduced many paperless policies including an USB stick for clients as opposed to a printed paper brochure
  • 90% of our proposals are submitted electronically rather than printed and posted by mail.
  • We encourage the use of plasma screens, projected or electronic signage as opposed to printed handout material. We have a state of the art electronic directional signage system


  • Lighting control system are on sensors which reduces electricity usage
  • The type of light bulbs in our light fittings are long life
  • We encourage staff to turn all equipment off at switch when not in use

We have a system that follows the steps: Reduce, reuse and recycle. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Spent light globes are forwarded to a plant that specialises in recycling of glass and mercury
  • We have a compactor on site that crushes and recycle all paper products and bottles


  • We advise guests to monitor final guest numbers for events so as to limit food waste
  • We have developed some specialised menus for events to provide options for clients who wish to commit to a sustainable food approach. These include organic menus, 100 mile menus plus education and information about the selection of certain food i.e. choosing fish from sustainable fish supplies
  • We heavily promote our location and access for events – particularly with public transport at our doorstep (Central Pier tram stop) and (Southern Cross Train station) which can reduce carbon emissions from cars


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